Stefan Kühnel

Co-Founder & General Director of GloomBerry
Stefan Kühnel

I am interested in topics of computer science, mathematics, economics and finance and prepare them in an easy to understand and usable way.


Below you will find a list of selected projects that I have worked on in the past.

  • My latest project was the construction of a sundial that works worldwide. Basically, this is a Python program (SageMath Notebook) that receives various geospecific parameters and then creates a location-dependent dial based on this information.
  • The academic paper political opinion-forming in the digital age using examples deals with the problem of targeted influence on citizens via digital media in the international context and its resulting dangers.
  • The Egisty Web & Security Certificate is a user-friendly solution for Internet users to determine who runs a certain domain and whether the connection to this website is protected by a valid SSL certificate.
  • The StockShare SDK for PHP can be used to calculate the price of a European call or put option as well as the partial derivatives of the option price according to the corresponding model parameters of the Black-Scholes model. If you're curious, you can try out the online calculator, too.


Many of my projects can be accessed through my official GitHub profile. Whatever you are interested in, feel free to try it out and if you find any mistakes, let me know.


Below you will find a few books that I am currently reading or have read.


I am open to all kinds of messages like feedback, questions or a nice greeting. Just send me a message via the contact form.