About Me

Since 2013 after building my first website I am still exploring the frontiers of technology and human knowledge, and acting to change the future.

Through my company GloomBerry, I help new entrepreneurs in being successful, develop new technology, invest in new companies and build sustainable communities. In all my endeavors, I constantly asks “What if…?” and pushes myself to challenge conventional thinking, collaborate across disciplines and reimagine what’s possible.

Many of my ventures are located in the technology sector, and reflect the depth and diversity of my passions in technology and computer science. With those ventures I strive to create a new kind of future — a future that maps the intricacies inside our head, sets hidden talent alight and upends conventional thinking.

As I develop and promote new technologies, it is very important to me that barriers are removed, data protection is strengthened and the ultimate opportunities for all end users are expanded. This approach increases the value of technology for everyone and also nurtures a diversified economy. If you like my efforts and would like to be informed about upcoming products and new features, you can follow me on my social media profiles on Twitter, Behance, Instagram and GitHub.

Now I want to thank you for reading my biography. You are welcome to take a look at my projects page too.

Sincerely yours
Stefan Kühnel