My Projects

Here you can see a collection of projects I currently work on and have worked on.

13th grade academic graduation dissertation

The academic paper "political opinion-forming in the digital age using examples" deals with the problem of targeted influence on citizens via digital media in the international context and its resulting dangers.

Cayman Brothers StockShare SDK

The StockShare SDK for PHP can be used to calculate the price of a European call or put option as well as the partial derivatives of the option price according to the corresponding model parameters of the Black-Scholes model.

Password Generator

An easy-to-use password generator that allows everyone to create new passwords on-the-fly. The generator is ad-free, is executed on the client side and can therefore also be used offline.

Egisty Web & Security Certificate

The Egisty Web & Security Certificate is a user-friendly solution for Internet users to determine who runs a certain domain and whether the connection to this website is protected by a valid SSL certificate.