My Projects

Here you can see a collection of projects I currently work on and have worked on.

Vimeo Video Downloader

A professional and easy to use PHP class to get download links from Vimeo. The class outputs the link to the original video and also supports videos with privacy settings enabled.

Password Generator

An easy-to-use password generator that allows everyone to create new passwords on-the-fly. The generator is ad-free, is executed on the client side and can therefore also be used offline.

Egisty Web & Security Certificate

The Egisty Web & Security Certificate is a user-friendly solution for Internet users to determine who runs a certain domain and whether the connection to this website is protected by a valid SSL certificate.

Nynamics Technologies

Nynamics is a creative garage that solves everyday problems, no matter how complicated or complex they are. It is an open workspace for everyone. Everyone can contribute their ideas and participate in new projects.

Bealeaf Icon Fonts API

An open source project every developer & designer should use. Use the API to easily integrate the most popular Icon Font Libraries into your web project and all that with one simple stylesheet link.

Faulr Emoji Library

An easy way to replace the normal System Emojis with over 2600 beautiful Faulr Emoji's. Just load the JavaScript Emoji Parser from the Frcache CDN, paste it into the head area and enjoy the new look of your website.